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Check out this TV interview with Bullseye Breach author, Greg Scott, with Keith Marler and Jason Matheson on The Buzz, Twin Cities KMSP TV, Fox Channel 9, May 26, 2015.

And that was why an obsolete, barely functional computer, sitting on a cluttered desk in a tiny family business with no secrets inside its computer network anyone cared about, became a key link in a global chain of events that shook the world.

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Bullseye Breach was a 2015 Midwest Book Awards finalist.  Details here.


Bullseye Breach  is an IT security educational book disguised as a fiction international thriller ripped from recent headlines about how a large Minneapolis retailer loses 40 million card numbers to an international cast of criminals.  People are mystified by the sensational data breaches in the news recently.  Bullseye Breach unravels that mystery.

It’s a great story with all the international thriller elements, including a floating dead body in the Gulf of Finland.  Follow how crooks scour the Internet to find their target, how they initially penetrate the Bullseye Stores’ network and recon the network looking for paydirt, and how they deploy malicious software to steal credit card numbers on a breathtaking scale.  Along the way, you’ll also meet a few downstream criminals and innocent victims.  And a few people in Minneapolis not bound by stifling corporate bureaucracy who come up with an ingenious way to fight back.

The story would be unbelievable, except that similar events continue to really happen in real life.  The sensational headlines are all around us.  Bullseye Breach goes behind the sensational headlines and uses fiction as a vehicle to teach readers how the bad guys operate and how we can protect ourselves.

I know you’ll enjoy reading it.

Thanks to Beaver’s Pond Press for bridging the gap between self publishing and traditional publishing.  Properly publishing a book is a team effort and Beaver’s Pond Press brought the right professionals to this project to make it the best it can be.  Here is a link to the Beaver’s Pond Press website.  And thanks to Laura Drew of Drew Design for a great cover.  Here is the Drew Design website.

You can also check out Bullseye Breach teasers on my Infrasupport company website, here.

– Greg Scott
March, 2015


  1. It would be a privilege to have a signed copy from the author! I’m proud of you Uncle!

    1. Author

      It would be a privilege to get you a copy, niece. Consider it done!

  2. Good luck on your book Greg, you picked a good day, April 19th is my birthday – Dan

    1. Author

      Wow – happy upcoming birthday! Come celebrate it at Eagan Hills Church, 2pm Sunday April 19 in the 3rd floor upper room. Bring the family. I’m putting together some great content and we’ll have TopLine FCU talking about safe online banking. And Ken Steinhardt via Skype with some first-hand credit card stories.

  3. Will keep an eye out for the eBook. I think buying the dead-tree version, while nice, will be a tad too much in postage to Australia. But that excerpt had me raging internally at the injustice of what was happening. This could be a real “page turner” (or whatever the equivalent in eBooks is … “screen swiper”? 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks. I spent much of today working on eBooks. I have Kindle and epub formats almost ready to go. And preorders for both paper and eBooks from Amazon, BN, and others should be online in the next few days.

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